Make this a healing. Take ownership of your sexuality. Tell your story. Speak your truth. Celebrate your unique beauty. Be held by your sisters as an exquisite expression of the Sacred Feminine, and do the same for them.


Whatever the subtleties of your individual relationship with your body and your sexuality, this is an opportunity to discover, demystify, and destigmatize the most tender and powerful part of your womanhood. If we want to be respected and honored as the tremendous forces we are, we must start with ourselves. Stepping into that space to witness our pussies and speak the truth about them is a powerful place to start both individually and collectively.



Celebrate your pussy in words and pictures.



Take some time to be still and connect with your own voice, your body, your story. What is wanting to be said? What do you need to express to feel complete, or to take a bold step toward healing? If your pussy had a voice, what would it say?



Take a selfie of your pussy using your smart phone. Get right up in there. It may take a few tries to get it just right. Enjoy the process of capturing the shot. Have fun with it. Play. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It already reflects the perfection of your unique pussy. We will crop it and convert it to black & white like the ones you see in the gallery. If you are adverse to taking a selfie, it is okay to let someone else take the shot.



Write a statement, a story, a truth. You have up to 100 words to express yourself. Submit with a screen name of your choice. Your real name will not be associated with your entry. You can have fun with your name, make it meaningful to you, or just a random series of letters or numbers. It makes no difference to us. Also include your age and location so we can recognize how diverse a group we are.