I created this space for the healing of women. We live in a world in which women’s sexuality is greatly misunderstood. We are bombarded constantly with messages in the media about how we should look, smell, feel, and taste. Our bodies are valued and evaluated as objects of desire to be used for the pleasure of others, separate from, and with little regard for the souls inhabiting them. At the same time, we are shamed by various religious and cultural institutions with regard to our sexual desire and expression; and so it becomes nearly impossible to cultivate a healthy relationship with our bodies, and ultimately, ourselves.


We can change this cultural and political narrative by creating a wave of wildly-expressed sovereignty over our bodies—what we do with them, and who we share them with. A pussy is a doorway to the feminine aspect of the universe; to the creative energy that sparks life and sustains humanity. It is through our pussies that we give birth to the world—literally and figuratively. Our pussies are tender-but-mighty, loving-but-fierce, and they are not up for grabs.


This is not a display for the arousal of others. This is not pornography. This is about reclaiming the places we have been violated—physically, emotionally, and energetically. This is where we take ownership of our power. These are OUR bodies. These are OUR stories. These are OUR lives. This is where we grab back.



Zoë Kors is committed to transforming the way we hold our sexuality—both individually and culturally—and to creating a compassionate, loving world through the cultivation of a sisterhood of wildly-expressed women.


Zoë is the founder of The Big Libido: Find Your Feminine Fire, and other programs which facilitate women in reclaiming their sexuality as their birthright. She is the former Senior Editor and Creative Director of LA Yoga Magazine and Origin Magazine. A frequent contributor to Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and Her article, “6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex”, quickly went viral and is currently at nearly 2 million views with 20,000 Facebook shares.


She is a certified Co-Active Coach with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA, and has a thriving private practice. Zoë’s work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she blends with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychotherapy and Co-Active Coaching.