PussyProject.org was conceived of and created as a community for women to reclaim  power and sovereignty over our own bodies and sexuality.

In the creation of the site, we have done our best to uphold the highest level of dignity and integrity on behalf of our contributors. The reason we protect the gallery with a password, requiring visitors to register in order to view, is to add a layer of protection from anyone who doesn’t want to identify themselves. This also prevents viewers from sharing links directly to the gallery which would allow access without registering. It is our policy not to sell or share our list with any outside company or service. We ask each contributor to use a screen name that is not tied to her identity in order to protect her privacy. In addition, we wipe the IP address associated with each upload as it comes in. Even we have no way of identifying the content as having come from a particular individual or email address.

This site is intended to be a safe space for speaking, hearing, sharing, and witnessing, and yet, this is the internet in the digital age. We use it to our advantage in order to grow communities and cultivate sisterhood, and at the same time we must accept the nature of technology at this point in history. My team and I feel the potential healing and empowerment are well worth the risks involved in creating and maintaining this site. If for any reason you do not agree, we support your decision to refrain from contributing content. We hope you will stand with us in whatever form you are comfortable or willing.

In solidarity and with gratitude,

Zoë Kors
Founder, PussyProject.org